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BBQ Berufliche Bildung gGmbH

The BBQ Berufliche Bildung gGmbH is a subsidiary of the Vocational Education Institute of Baden-Württemberg Industry Association. We are a non-profit educational institution and have a strong, decentralized network in the state of Baden-Württemberg with about 400 qualified employees in 47 offices. This ensures the efficiency in the implementation of projects in all regions of the country.

The integration of young and work seeking people in education or employment in the primary labour market are the focus of BBQ. This profile has been expanded in recent years through pilot projects in early childhood education, vocational guidance and specific projects related to demography. For the politically significant issues of the compatibility of family and work and the care of relatives BBQ offers future solutions. The occupational integration of people with an immigrant background, professional requalification of employees at a skilled level and vocational education in the European context, expands the portfolio. BBQ, with European partners, is involved in international projects and develop common approaches at EU level.

The project will be implemented in Reutlingen.

Further Information:

BBQ Berufliche Bildung gGmbH
Unter den Linden 2
72762 Reutlingen
Internet: www.bbq-zukunftskurs.de

Contact person:

Ms. Ulrike Österle, Project Manager
Phone: +49 7121 386441
Fax: +49 7121 386430
E-mail: uoesterle[at]bbq-online.de



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