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The objectives of the İNPUT Project

The efforts and the requests of the EU, the member States and the European regions, as well as the problems of social exclusion and particularly of employment, despite a regional heterogeneous labor market and mostly national varying regulatory and controlling mechanisms across the borders and Europe-wide, have an established tradition and always put the practitioners in front of new challenges: under the Project İNPUT, it should be made available a targeted trans-nationality for a demand-driven innovation transfer in the field of employment of people with an immigrant background and it should be also planned a structural innovation relating to a learning, exchange, development, testing and evaluation process.

In determining the number and variety of the (three) project poles were systematically taken into account the location, the actors, the nature of measures, the labor market and neighborhood roots of the actors and the participation of the migrants themselves as actors. In addition, a methodological approach to diversity is also indicated as the requirement to make trans-national projects to provide learning experiences and examples of actions that go beyond the individual situation. This is reflected in the setting of an online survey and in the upstream competition calculation.

For absolutely experienced and legitimate (in their field) actors of employment, should be tailored experiences of good practice and implemented, in cooperation, innovative learning and development jobs. The selective view on people with an immigrant background, the transparent local diversity of stakeholders, the significant participation of stakeholders (including migrants‘ organizations), the focus on transfer of innovation and its transnational organization are the preconditions for the success of approaches to organizational learning for participants, agencies and locations.

With the İNPUT Project, in the context of a transnational innovation transfer, should be conceived and tested actions and measures with the following detailed objectives:

  • District measures to support especially older unemployed people with an immigrant background in promoting the city’s anniversary and preparing the horticultural show (campaigns) (Werkhof Ost, Schwaebisch Gmuend);
  • Specific measures in support of unemployed people with an immigrant background, with the help and the advanced training of mentors with and without a migration background (BBQ);
  • Promoting the participation of migrant people, detecting the capabilities and the mediation obstacles and promoting self-directed tools to improve the employability of people with an immigrant background (Stuttgart migrants‘ associations and Forum der Kulturen).

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